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Signs of Hearing Loss in Adults - Here's What You Need to Know

Hearing loss is a result of numerous concerns - ageing, disease, genetic variations, loud noise, and more. In fact, around one-third of older adults undergo severe hearing concerns and the probability of developing hearing loss. Hearing loss appears in a gradual manner - little by little as we all age, and this process is medically known as presbycusis. The process of hearing loss in adults is generally classified into three categories: Conductive (involving the outer or middle ear), Sensorineural (involving the inner ear), and Mixed (a blend of the two). Although ageing is the most common reason for hearing loss, earwax can also be a reason.

It is extremely crucial to recognize the signs of hearing loss for early intervention and advanced treatment. This article will delve deeper into the several signs of hearing loss prevalent in adults and offer insights into what’s required to know.

Hearing Loss in Adults

Major Signs of Hearing Loss Among Adults You Need to Know

Although an implant has truly helped a person during profound hearing loss, it is crucial to have a comprehensive idea of the different signs that might dawn upon an ageing adult. Once you are aware of the varied signs, it will be easier to start the treatment without any delay.

1. Difficulty in Following Conversations

This can easily be termed as the prime sign of hearing loss when the concerned person cannot follow regular conversations. When you notice an adult struggling to pay attention or understand a communication trail, you might as well consider getting them checked for hearing loss. Although numerous doctors suggest getting cochlear implants for improved speech and language understanding, it is always better to notice the first signs and act accordingly.

2. High Volume

You might often notice aged people turning up the volume while watching a serial or match. One of the most common reasons is their lack of hearing.

3. Continuous Request for Repetition

If you often find any adult asking the other person to repeat themselves or frequently asking questions like ‘Why?’, ‘What,’ ‘Huh?’, or ‘Could you repeat?’, then there might be a chance they are experiencing a problem with hearing.

4. Withdrawal from Social Situations

When a person is devoid of proper hearing and struggles with communication and hearing, they ought to undergo frustration and anxiety. People who didn’t undergo early intervention or have untreated hearing loss might begin to evade social situations and become secluded.

5. Misunderstanding Speech Sounds

Hearing loss can make it challenging to distinguish between identical-sounding speech sounds. This can lead to misconceptions and disorder during conversations.

6. Tinnitus

Some individuals with hearing loss experience tinnitus, a sensation of ringing, buzzing, or humming in the ears. Tinnitus can be linked to hearing loss and impact one's overall well-being.

7. Inability to Hear High-Pitched Sounds

Hearing loss often starts with difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds, such as doorbells, birdsong, or certain consonants like "s" and "th."

Hearing Loss in Adult

Recognizing the Need for Cochlear Implants

If you or a loved one are experiencing signs of severe hearing loss, it's essential to seek professional help. An audiologist can perform comprehensive hearing assessments to determine the extent of the hearing loss and recommend appropriate interventions. Cochlear implant candidacy is typically determined based on factors such as the degree of hearing loss, speech understanding, and overall health.

Incorporating cochlear implants into the discussion around hearing loss is vital for raising awareness about advanced solutions that can significantly improve the lives of those affected. While cochlear implants are not suitable for every individual with hearing loss, they represent a remarkable option for those with severe hearing impairments that significantly impact their daily life and communication abilities.

In conclusion, it can be said that, with early intervention, hearing loss can certainly be treated. Neubio India is a reputed cochlear implant device manufacturer with an illustrated history of attending to a vast Indian population. If you are someone looking for a resolution, the ideal way to proceed is to connect with an expert and get a cochlear implant done. It truly does help with speech improvement in a great way.

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