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The Road To Recovery: What To Expect After Neubio Cochlear Implant Surgery

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Cochlear implant surgery has greatly improved the lives of people undergoing severe hearing loss. This surgically implanted prosthetic device has the strength to bridge the gap in people’s speech and language development with its progressive technology. If you are someone earnestly looking for a solution to your profound hearing loss, you will undoubtedly benefit from a Neubio cochlear implant surgery. However, there are many patients who are stressed about post-surgery conditions even more than the cochlear implant price. It can be a cause of palpitation for a hearing-impaired patient to undergo endless thoughts about the outcome of an implant and become worried.

Neubio has made the complete procedure of cochlear implant surgery pretty seamless. From conducting an engaging and informative first appointment to providing in-depth ideas about what to expect after the surgery - Neubio has always been transparent. This blog will cover in detail the post-surgery scenario - what you can expect.

Neubio Cochlear Implant Surgery

The Pathway to Healing - Neubio’s Take on Post cochlear Implant Surgery Expectations

There are different hearing loss types and each of them can certainly be a life-altering condition affecting thousands of people. It directly hits the person’s capacity to communicate and engage with the outside world. Neubio’s cutting-edge Swiss-based technology has resulted in a greatly enhanced cochlear implant device. The transparent approach of Neubio has always been a beneficial factor in providing solace to a lot of patients. Let us check out what you can expect after getting your cochlear implant surgery done from Neubio.

1. Immediate Attendance: Steady Post-Operative Care

The day of your cochlear implant surgery is undoubtedly a life-changing one. The outpatient procedure generally takes a couple of hours, and during that time, the Neubio implant is surgically positioned under the skin behind the ear in the most effortless manner. After that, the electrode array is inserted into the cochlea. You would need to spend a few hours in the recovery room after getting done with the surgery mainly for observation and ensuring your stability before discharging.

One thing to note is that it is essential to ask any of your friends or family members to accompany you on the day of surgery since driving or travelling back alone is not a good option.

After you are back home, don’t rush into anything. The key to proper recovery is resting and relaxing. Your head ought to be wrapped in a bandage since the operation has been freshly conducted and the site needs to be protected. You might be encountering a certain level of swelling, discomfort, and a mild headache - these are pretty common first-day aftereffects. But, in case you notice an extreme level of pain, medication can be prescribed by the surgeon.

2. Initial Healing and Activation

Your priorities will be recuperating and acclimating to having the cochlear implant during the first week following surgery. You will have to maintain a dry and clean surgery site. As they can put pressure on the surgery site and perhaps impede the healing process, it is imperative to refrain from physically demanding activities, heavy lifting, and bending over.

You will schedule your first session with the audiologist for the first activation of your Neubio cochlear implant around one week from now. This is a critical juncture in your healing process. You will be able to hear sound for the first time once the audiologist modifies the implant settings. Recall that your brain takes some time to adjust to new auditory information, so the noises may not sound at all like what you recall.

3. Following Up: Auditory Rehabilitation

The focus of the upcoming months will be on auditory rehabilitation, which is a crucial step in the healing process. Your audiologist and speech therapist will collaborate closely with you to improve your listening abilities. This could entail things like:

  • Acquiring the ability to identify and differentiate various noises.

  • Recognizing and using speech sounds.

  • Creating listening techniques that help you understand more.

  • Improving the quality of your communication.

It is vital to attend all the rehabilitation sessions and practice listening skills at home. It is only through consistency and patience that you will be able to experience

Neubio Cochlear Implant Surgery

4. The Sixth Month and Beyond

Your hearing and comprehension of speech should have significantly improved by the six-month point. In order to adjust the implant settings and advance your listening abilities, you will keep working with your speech therapist and audiologist. You can experiment in different settings, such as loud eateries or packed social events, as you grow more accustomed to your cochlear implant to assess and improve your hearing.

For those who have lost their hearing, Neubio’s cochlear implant surgery is an excellent option that may restore their auditory experiences. On the other hand, the road to recovery is a journey that calls for persistence, tolerance, and commitment. A successful outcome depends on your ability to anticipate what to expect following surgery, from the initial healing phase to auditory rehabilitation and beyond.

Never forget that Neubio and the medical team are here to help you at every stage. You can experience a life full of the beauty of sound and the joy of communication if you take the right care of it, are persistent, and have an optimistic outlook. It's worth embarking on the road to recovery with a Neubio cochlear implant.

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