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Neubio's Bold Series - Why the name Bold?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Neubio Bold Series
Neubio Cochlear

Because it perfectly captures our mission to empower children with our technology to be bold, to chase their dreams fearlessly. Bold represents the courage to overcome obstacles and pursue their passions without compromise. Learn More about Bold.

Not only is Bold designed to empower children, but it's also built to last. We understand that kids can be active and adventurous, so we've carefully selected materials and cables that ensure durability. With Bold, children can wear it confidently, knowing it can withstand their active lifestyles without any fear of breaking.

Our aim is to make the gift of hearing accessible to all, without any compromises. So let's celebrate the spirit of boldness and fearlessness. With Bold, we're empowering children to embrace their dreams, overcome obstacles, and experience the joy of sound.

Tannu is one young lady who is showcasing boldness everywhere she goes (Watch below):

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