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Make-in-India Cochlear Implant Device: Empowering Aftercare and Advancing the Medical Device Sector

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Cochlear Implant Device

At Neubio India, we are proud to be a catalyst for change in the dynamic landscape of the Indian healthcare industry. Through the Make in India initiative, we have introduced the first-ever Swiss-designed cochlear implant device made in India, revolutionizing accessibility and aftercare for individuals with hearing impairments. Our goal is to address the challenges associated with imported products and drive transformative advancements in the medical device sector. Let's delve into how our innovation is reshaping the field of hearing.

Patients in India often face the dual challenge of insufficient information and high costs during the crucial aftercare phase following cochlear implant surgery. This problem becomes even more pronounced when medical devices are imported, as local distributors become reliant on foreign manufacturers' production and distribution schedules. The result is lengthy queues for accessories, driving up costs and creating frustrating wait times for patients seeking optimal care.

Make in India Cochlear Implant Device

To alleviate these concerns, Neubio implant made the decision to establish a manufacturing and distribution office in Delhi. This strategic move enables us to offer streamlined and efficient aftercare services, placing communication, transparency, and trust at the forefront of our approach. By eliminating unnecessary hassle and inconvenience, we aim to build reliability and trustworthiness with our patients and healthcare partners. These principles of communication, transparency, and trust are transformative within India’s medical device industry.

Neubio took the initiative to introduce the first-ever Swiss-designed cochlear implant device made in India. By transferring technology and design expertise from Switzerland, we have enhanced accessibility to cochlear implants in India. Our patients now have access to comprehensive information about the implant process, including manufacturing details and aftercare costs. No more unnecessary hassle or inconvenience, allowing us to establish a sense of reliability and trust with our patients and healthcare partners. We believe that communication, transparency, and trust are crucial elements for India's medical device industry.

While the transformative impact of the Make in India initiative is undeniable, we acknowledge that some members of India's medical community may express reservations about locally manufactured devices. As the first cochlear implant company to establish manufacturing operations in India, we understand the hesitancy. However, the landscape is rapidly evolving not only in the medical device sector but also in manufacturing and technology as a whole. India is emerging as a global powerhouse in these domains, and we are proud to have found our new home here. Neubio’s unwavering commitment is to deliver high-quality, technologically advanced, and, most importantly, the safest products in the industry. With consistently positive patient outcomes and a profound influence on the sector, we firmly believe that skeptics will eventually recognize the inherent value of "Made in India" devices.

Renowned figures in the medical field, such as Dr. Bhushan Kathuria from We Care Multispecialty Hospital and Dr. (Prof) J.M. Hans, a pioneer of cochlear implant surgery in India, have endorsed Neubio implant. Their endorsement highlights the cochlear implant device's reliable performance, affordability, and sleek design, which facilitate efficient operations. Our device has proven to be effective, especially for children, with its compact profile and absence of complex electronics.

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By aligning with the Make in India initiative, we have prioritized transparency and trust. We believe that informed decision-making is crucial, which is why we provide parents with comprehensive details about our device, post-care follow-ups, technical aspects, and financing options. This commitment enhances confidence and empowers patients and healthcare providers with the necessary knowledge to make informed choices.

In conclusion, the Make in India initiative has revolutionized aftercare, reduced costs, and driven transformative advancements in the medical device sector. Neubio India's cochlear implant device exemplifies the positive impact of this initiative, providing accessibility, transparency, and trust to patients and healthcare providers alike. As India continues its journey toward becoming a global hub for medical innovation, we proudly stand at the forefront, championing excellence and transforming lives through cutting-edge technology.

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