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Celebrating World Hearing Day with We Care!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The article "World Hearing Day was celebrated at We Care Multispeciality Hospital with this year's theme Ear & Hearing Care for all!! Let's make it reality" highlights the successful implantation of Neubio BOLD, India's first cochlear implant made in India, on a 10-year-old child with bilateral severe to profound hearing loss.

Celebrating World Hearing Day with We Care

According to the article, the switch on with the device was smooth, and the child responded to environmental sounds and his parents' voices. The event was followed by a care and maintenance session for all recipients, where parents were educated about their roles in their children's improvement.

Dr. Bhushan Kathuria, the surgeon who implanted the device, stressed the importance of early detection and intervention, followed by rehabilitation in cases of congenital hearing loss. The We Care Hospital, where the implantation took place, is committed to ear and hearing care for all and has been conducting hearing camps to increase awareness in the nearby areas.

What sets Neubio BOLD apart is that it doesn't have any electronics in the internal part, making it a safe device for users, and its recurring cost is very low, making it more affordable for patients. Dr. Bhushan has done Neubio BOLD implants, and all his patients are doing well, according to the article.

Parents who attended the event appreciated the workshop and said they would like to participate in such programs in the future. The article concludes by stating that a cake was cut, and gifts were given to the children by Dr. Bhushan Kathuria on this occasion.

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